Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Prego Pics

15.4 weeks

15 weeks

14 weeks

13 weeks

12 weeks

Almost 11 weeks

10 weeks

9 weeks

7 weeks

6 weeks

My Family

I'll introduce the rest of my family...

There's Tim, my husband

Timmy my son

Abigail (first of the twins)

Ashlynd (the second twin)

These people are my world!! They really show you what life is about and I love it!

12 Week Check-up

Once I made it to 12 weeks, my morning sickness never subsided. I was taking Zofran (a Non-nausea pill) for the past 10 weeks, but they couldn't prescribe them to me anymore and I really thought I could handle it afterwards. So when I went into my 12 week check-up, I told my doctor about it. I also told him that I could feel the baby moving since 11 weeks, nothing strong, just enough to let me know it was there. Plus the contractions I was experiencing since 9 weeks. He told me the contractions were nothing to worry about unless I was bleeding or leaking fluid. So I just continued drinking my gallon a day and everything has been ok so far.

The doctor had me lay on the exam table to get a listen to the heartbeat.

We couldn't find it! :(

I knew it was there, but the doctor was on my pubic bone...what a weirdo!! I knew where the baby was and I should of just told him and make him look stupid, but he wanted to take me into the ultrasound room. Once we got there, I had another vaginal scan and only seen the one baby still. But IT WAS BIG!! It measured a week bigger then scheduled, which is fine with me :) Never got to listen to the heartbeat, but obviously everything was ok because it was moving all around...


We recently has fraternal twins 20 months prier tot this pregnancy, so we weren't sure if it could be twins again.

My 8 week check-up was coming and wasn't sure if I was going to get an ultrasound that early, since we didn't have one that early with my son. But my doctor thought it would be a great ideaseeing I can twins already, and I was getting sick since 5 weeks.

There was only ONE!

The Start of a New Life

My husband and I talked a few months before knowing for sure we wanted to add another addition to the family. After agreeing, I started charting my temps every morning at the same time (everyday) and found when I ovulated. After 9 days past ovulation, we found out we were pregnant!!